Posted on Jan 10, 2020

Rose Dental

We always love hearing from our patients. Thank you so much for the five-star review!

"I was reading the ratings and I read that one about the guy having to go to another dentist to get a root canal. Oh my gosh... I just can't leave this site without saying that if you will do research, true research, on the potential dangers of a root canal, you would Run To this office! The fact that Dr. Aaron-refers them out- does not do them - really impresses me! She only does what she believes in and it sounds like she does everything possible to keep your original teeth! What could be better? I just spoke with Cheryl on the phone. She was wonderful to answer my questions and my concerns. I have delayed my visit to a dentist because I was concerned about the quality of work and the use of materials that are often toxic. I started with Holistic dentistry 20 + years ago. It sounds like this dentist has done her research and has her patient's best interests in mind. I can hardly wait for my visit! I've finally found someone I can trust who does excellent work and is aware of how important good dental work is indeed."

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